Ethnographic Methods publishes a series of methodological material for anthropologists. At the moment it contains two types of publications. The methodological volumes (currently in German only) give detailed introductions to specific methods of data collection and analysis. They are practical guides, and are suited as teaching material. The data collection tools are a growing compilation of ethnographic questionnaires, observation sheets and other material used for data gathering. We publish these "first hand" tools to enable future researchers to profit from the work that has already been done. We seek data collection tools where the results of the analysis have already been published. It is the purpose of these publications to make ethnography a more transparent enterprise. To submit please take a look at the instruction page.

Hartmut Lang and Michael Schnegg




Schnegg, Michael und Hartmut Lang 2008. Analyse kultureller Domänen. Eine praxisorientierte Einführung.



updated 02.08